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3 Celeb Drink Driving Arrests You May Not Have Noticed

Unfortunately, sometimes we think we are immune to drink driving incidents. However, this just is not the case. Even celebrities have been known to become involved in drink driving incidents. These three celebrities are just a few that have made the headlines with their drink driving charges.

Tulisa Contostavlos, in fact, is one celebrity who was recently involved in a drink driving incident. Just in September, Tulis, the former X Factor judge, had to spend the night in the cells after her drink driving accident. Just before midnight on the 10th of September, officers were called to the scene of a two car collision. One of those cars belonged to Tulisa and she was the driver of that car. No injuries were reported, however, Tulisa reportedly took a breathalyzer test at the scene and was then transported to the cell.

Just back in March of 2014, rapper Professor Green was arrested after crashing into a parked van due to drink driving. He was hostile to the responding officers.  He claimed he had reason to be drink driving because he feared for his wife’s safety after she was robbed near their home. In the end, the court banned him from driving for one year.

The third celebrity to fall into the entrapment of drink driving is Lee Ryan. The blues singer and Big Brother star fell into a depression after a fall out with Jasmine, which led to a drinking problem. This led to the incident where he was caught by officers drink driving. On top of his drink driving charge, he refused to provide a specimen and thus faced not one, but two charges when he went into court.

So, as you can see, even these three celebrities have had to walk into court to face drink driving charges. If you, like these three, are facing drink driving charges, make sure that you do not face these charges alone, instead, talk to a solicitor to help you now.

03/12/2015 04:33