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3 Drink Driving Questions You May Have Now

Drink driving is definitely a serious issue. If you or someone you know have ever been pulled over on suspicion of drink driving, you probably have a lot of questions. Here are three of the most common.

1.      “What happens if I am charged with a drink driving offence?” If you are charged with a drink driving related offence, you will be bailed to appear in court. If you do not appear in court on the date they have given you, then you will be facing another offence. This is where your solicitor comes in. Having a solicitor is important when you need to make a court appearance because your solicitor will meet with you prior to your court appearance and the two of you will come up with a plan for your court appearance in order to get you the best possible outcome.

2.      “What if I was actually the passenger in a drink driving offence?” If you were a passenger, and it was not clear to the police who the driver was because either you did not identify him or her or because she or he denied being the driver, then you could be charged with being “in charge” of the vehicle and you could be given a court date to face such a charge. If this is the case, you need a solicitor to help you through the process so that, again, you can have the best possible outcome.

3.      “What if I was driving due to an emergency? Can I avoid a drink driving ban?” There are reasons in which you might have had a special reason to drive even if you were over the limit. One reason you may have been drink driving, that the court may take into consideration, would be if your drinks were laced without your knowledge. Another reason that the courts might see your drink driving as a special reason is if you were moving the vehicle in order to prevent some type of hazard or accident from happening. A third reason you may have had to involve yourself in drink driving, which the courts may take into consideration is if your journey had to be an emergency. In any of these cases, you have to be able to prove your reasoning to the courts. The best way to go about proving your situation to the courts is to contact your solicitor. Your solicitor will help walk you through the process will help you achieve the best outcome possible.

Contact us immediately as soon as you have a chance. We can answer all of your drink driving related questions and ensure you get the help you need fast.

18/11/2015 11:02