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3 Reasons to Seek A Motoring Solicitor

Seeking a motoring solicitor is essential in a number of situations, but do you need one right now? Here are 3 reasons that you should seek a motoring solicitor for help.

1.      When you want to appeal a ban. Many people don’t realize that you can appeal a ban. They just accept it and move on. However, if you have a solicitor, it doesn’t have to be that way. If, convicted of a road traffic offence, at the Magistrates Court, you have the right to appeal. This appeal would come if you feel that the sentence you received by the Magistrates court is wrong or harsh. The appeal goes to the Crown court. In order to appeal the conviction, you will really need a motoring solicitor, though, as the further you go, the tougher it is to represent your case.

2.      When you've been involved in a traffic accident and it wasn't your fault. In this case, you probably deserve some form of compensation, but it isn't easy to get. In fact, insurance companies will stand in your way at every stage of the game. This is another case where you will want to seek a motoring solicitor for advice and to walk with you through obtaining the compensation.

3.      When you've been charged with dangerous driving. If the offence will not allow for an acquittal, it may be possible for your solicitor to defend you by arguing in the Magistrates Court for a lesser charge like careless driving.

Regardless of the reason you need a motoring solicitor, remember that defending yourself is tough unless you know the details of the laws surrounding the offence you are facing. Also know, that it will be worth the money to hire a solicitor from the beginning of your charges, rather than waiting until the last minute. The more time that your solicitor has to prepare for your case, the better outcome you can expect.

30/12/2015 11:17