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3 Things You Didnt Know About Penalty Points

You know that penalty points are given to you as a result of a motoring citation. You likely also know that 12 points automatically leads to a driving ban, normally at least 6 months long. There are a few things you probably do not know about penalty points, however. Here are three of them:


1.      Car Insurance Premiums Rise

Car insurance companies have departments where their only job is to find out if any of their insured drivers receive any motoring offence. Regardless of how minor it is, the second one pops up on your official record, you will see your insurance premiums become more expensive depending on how many penalty points were imposed.

2.      Driving Bans Can Be LONG

Most people think that if you get 12 penalty points, you get a driving ban imposed for the next 6 months. What they don’t know is that six months is the minimum. For almost all offences, the government has the option to decide what penalty they think it’s fair – and often times that means bans of 1-2 years or longer.

3.      They Can Be Expensive

Aside from rising car insurance costs, penalty points can result in hefty fines that many times is in the thousands of pounds. While a few penalties have fixed costs (such as a £500 fine for seat belt offences or £1,000 for traffic light violations), most other offences have an “unlimited fine” attached to them, and the number usually rises with the amount of penalty points given for any offence.


As you can see above, penalty points can cause many unexpected headaches that you many didn’t know about previously. The good news is that virtually any traffic offence can be fought if you use the right solicitor. Whether you’re facing large fines, a driving ban, or both, contact us for help.

28/12/2015 03:32