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3 Ways You Can Beat A Motoring Offence

Motoring offences can put a big hole in your wallet and cause problems in many different aspects of your life. From creating problems at work (or getting to work) to causing havoc on your personal life, it’s better for everyone if you can beat the offence. Easier said than done, right? Yes and no. You can’t beat every offence, but many of them are winnable by putting up a fight, with the help of a motoring solicitor. Here are three ways you can beat almost any offence:


1.      Accuracy
You would be surprised how many mistakes are made on traffic tickets. From incorrect name spellings to incorrect descriptions of the violation or the vehicle, they are quite frequent. This is one of the easiest ways to beat an offence, as a mistake is often enough grounds to have the charge dismissed.

2.      Show Up

Just by showing up to court you can beat 25% or more minor motoring offences. That’s because if the officer doesn’t show up, it virtually means the case is going to get dropped. There are many reasons why an office will miss a small court date, and it happens so often that every charge is worth fighting just for the hope the office forgets or can’t go. Worst case you can still reverse course once the office is in the courtroom, thus leaving you with virtually no risk.

3.      Evidence

Another way you can beat an offence is by fighting the evidence in court. If an officer can’t come up with concrete evidence, it can be almost impossible to convict you. This is hard to do on your own, which is why you need a solicitor who has experience in fighting motoring offences, small or large, in court.

28/12/2015 05:34