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4 Alternatives to Getting Behind the Wheel after Drinking

While we all know to never drink and drive, alcohol can make the lines a little fuzzy. By coming up with a plan beforehand, drivers can be careful not to drink and drive. Fortunately, there are several easy alternatives.

1) Have a sober friend drive!

The best case scenario is to have a sober friend who will take you home after a night on the town. Offer to pay for her or his meals to make it seem like less of a prison sentence, or repay the favor some other night. Not only will this option keep you from drink driving, but your friend can make sure that you don’t commit any serious indiscretions while intoxicated.

2) Pay for public transportation.

Depending on your location, there may be a number of low cost services to get you to your destination. If you are familiar with the area, plan out your route ahead of time to avoid a drunken metro ride to the wrong part of town.

3) Get a taxi

The most convenient option is also typically the most expensive—usually. In addition to a traditional taxicab service, consider alternative sources—like Uber or even a regional rideshare program. These programs can be more economically feasible, entertaining, and environmentally conscious. Be familiar with the service beforehand, however, to be sure that you make the best decision regarding your transit method.

4) Sleep it off.

If, for whatever reason, these options are unavailable, you should look for a place to sleep off the ill effects of alcohol before driving to your ultimate destination. Be wary of public intoxication laws—which may or may not prevent you from sleeping in your car, depending on your jurisdiction.

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16/02/2016 03:15