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4 Tips That Will Help You Drive Safer

The average driver in the United Kingdom drives over 30 kilometres per day. It’s easy to take for granted safe driving methods when one spends so much time on the road. These safe-driving tips can go a long way to making sure that you won’t be the cause of an accident. Looking at it from a big-picture perspective, they are very small tasks you can do that can have a very large effect on your future and that of your children. 


·         Distractions
Avoid any distractions while driving. Even if what you are doing is technically legal, it does not follow safe driving protocols. This includes paying excessive attention to passengers, using GPS devices, talking/texting with a mobile phone, staring at the side of the road (instead of ahead), as well as many others. Anything can wait until you are at a complete stop.

·         Weather
This is something that a lot of drivers, especially new drivers, forget. It’s completely different driving in the ice/snow compared to driving in the rain, or in the fog, or in a sunny day. The roads are more slippery, the brakes on your vehicle don’t work as good, your tires don’t have enough grip, your headlights don’t provide as much visibility, and these problems usually get worse the longer your drive is.

·         Distance
One of the most important things to remember is to always keep your distance. You can be a great driver, but if someone in front of you makes a sudden mistake, you’ll still be involved in an accident (and you may even be at fault, legally!).

·         Maintenance
It’s easy to ignore warning signs from your car, but it’s also dangerous. Low tire pressure or worn-out tires perform much worse and often lead to breakdowns and accidents. The same goes for brake components (like pads and callipers) that are past their lifespan. If you make sure that your car is safe, you will be as well.

28/12/2015 04:54