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6 Reasons to Immediately Contact a Solicitor

You don’t have to know all road laws in order to be effectively protected from losing your licence. From safe drivers with no endorsements to those on the cusp of losing their licence, it is imperative to contact a solicitor when facing a driving ticket. At Keeping Your Licence, we specialise in the following areas of driving law and should be the first number you call:

  1. Speeding-There are many ways to fight a speeding ticket leading to complete abandonment or a reduction of the penalty and charge.
  2. Drink/Drunk Driving-A drug or drunk driving ticket can revoke your licence and even see you wind up in jail. Contacting Keeping Your Licence can help you dispute the grounds of your arrest or the accuracy of the prosecutor’s evidence.
  3. Driving without Insurance-This is a very serious penalty, even if you thought you were insured. Keeping Your Licence will tirelessly sift through your circumstances and either work to lessen the penalty or diffuse it altogether with special reasoning.
  4. Mobile Phone Use-As this ticket is usually proved by the officer’s word, Keeping Your Licence will trudge through tons of information to defend the evidence proving your version of events.
  5. Careless and Dangerous driving-These are also extremely serious charges and the quicker you contact Keeping Your Licence, the quicker the interpretation of your driving behaviour can be depicted accurately.
  6. New Driver Offences-Regardless of the offence, getting an endorsement during your first two years as a driver will greatly increase your risk of losing your licence. To insulate yourself against this punishment, Keeping Your Licence can help you reduce your punishment or find other options

It isn’t worth the risk to defend tickets on your own when experienced solicitors can be much more effective. Contacting Keeping Your Licence immediately can greatly increase the risk of lessening penalties.

22/01/2016 12:37