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One month later, has the new Scottish drink driving law made a difference?

The new Scottish drink driving law was brought in at the end of 2014, and from 8th to the 29th December, drink driving offences in Scotland were 27...

05/02/2015 02:06

Are you aware of the changes to drug driving laws?

In March this year, the government will be bringing in new laws that give police more power to prosecute drug driving offences in the UK. These cha...

22/01/2015 01:18

Do Not Get Caught Out By These 8 Drink Driving Myths

During the Festive period many people like to have a drink and get into the festive spirit, but the police are more vigilant for drunk drivers. So ...

02/01/2015 09:35

How would Santa defend a drink driving charge?

How would Santa defend a drink driving charge?  You’ve probably heard the jokes about the crimes Santa commits every Christmas Eve. ...

24/12/2014 04:23