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Avoiding Drink Driving Charges

Driving while impaired on alcohol or drugs is as serious of an offence as you can commit in the United Kingdom. It often leads expensive fines, driving bans, and even jail time, not to mention the countless of deaths and accidents. Reducing drink driving has been a goal of activists for years; with drink-driving related deaths on the decline, you can say that it has been somewhat successful. Not all metrics are as forgiving though, as there has been a sizeable increase of people failing breath tests between 6am and noon. Either more people are getting drunk in the morning, or people forget that they can still be intoxicated when they wake up from a night of drinking.

Follow some of the tips below to stay on the safe-side of the law:

·         Stop Binge Drinking

o   Binge drinking can raise your blood alcohol content from zero to over-the-legal-limit within minutes. In addition, most people who fail breathalyser tests the morning after admitting to not just drinking the night before, but binge drinking.

·         Plan For That Night And The Next Morning

o   It has been a work in progress to get people to plan for their night out. More than ever before people are using designated drivers and taxi companies to take them from place to place. The next step is to also plan for the morning after. Be extra careful if you know you have to drive somewhere the next morning. It’s useful to also plan a ride for that morning.

·         Eat Before You Drink

o   Drinking on an empty stomach will make your night and next morning far worse. Never go out drinking before you eat, or you risk being intoxicated well after you wake up.

If you unfortunately got a motoring offence already, call an experienced solicitor who can help you plan a legal defence.

29/12/2015 05:16