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Can You Avoid a Totting Up Ban?

The government came up with a points system in an effort to encourage drivers to follow the laws of the motorway. They decided that they needed another way to punish motorists who drive without care for themselves or others around them. Thus, the courts are given the option of adding penalty points to the licence of the defendant. The courts decide the number of points to penalise the driver with depending on how the severity of the offence.

As a motorist, it is important to keep the number of points at a minimum. The minor offences carry a minimum of 2 points. Other offences, such as failure to stop at a traffic light might result in 3 points. The penalty points can add up very quickly. If a driver ends up with twelve points in a three year time span, then the court can revoke the licence of the driver. Another term for this is a totting up ban.

If you have accumulated 12 points in a 3 year time span, is it possible to avoid a totting up ban? There is one way to avoid this ban on driving. You can claim exceptional hardship. However, you also have to be able to prove exceptional hardship if you plan to use it in defence of your licence. Doing this on your own can prove to be a very tricky feat. You really have to know what the courts need to hear and exactly what evidence you need to bring to them in order to prove exceptional hardship, since the decision is left up to the court and there is no concrete definition. That is exactly why we are here. We can help you prove exceptional hardship to the courts so that you have the best chance possible at keeping your licence. Contact us today to learn more.

14/01/2016 12:13