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Caught Speeding? 3 Reasons to Let Us Help In Your Defence

You were in a rush to get to your appointment, meeting, or wherever it was you were going. Thus, you were taking a chance and going above the speed limit. But, you got caught by the police officer. So, now what? You need help in your defence and here are 3 reasons why.

Reason number one that you need help in your defence has everything to do with money. The penalties for speeding can get pricey. The last thing you want to do is to go into debt due to speeding fines. The minimum penalty for speeding is 100 pounds, which means that the fines only go up from there. We are ready to defend you so that your speeding penalty is the least possible fine.

Reason number two for letting us help in your defence is penalty points. A speeding penalty adds 3 points to your licence. If you end up with 12 penalty points or more within 3 years, you may be disqualified from driving. Thus, you will want to avoid the penalty points at all costs. Hiring us to help in your defence will increase your chances that you will be able to avoid having penalty points added to your licence. We have experience in working with the courts to lower the penalties enforced.

Reason number three for letting us help in your defence is strictly for new drivers. New drivers have stricter rules when it comes to penalties for speeding. If you are within two years of passing your driving test and you build up six penalty points, your licence will be withdrawn. This would make getting around town a lot more difficult. But, if you let us help, we can stand behind you and work on keeping those penalty points off of your record.

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29/12/2015 05:52