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Cited for Driving Uninsured? 3 Ways We Can Help

Driving is a huge responsibility. After all, you are operating a massive machine that, when involved in an accident, can cause injuries and even death. Thus, in order to drive, you must do a number of things including obtain insurance. Driving without insurance is just as illegal as driving without a licence. It could even be considered immoral to drive without being covered by insurance.

That said, there are many people out there driving without insurance. In fact, 1 in 25 motorists in the UK are driving their cars each day without being insured. Maybe you are one of the uninsured who decided it was worth the risk, but now you have been cited for the choice you made. There are 3 ways we can help you.

First, we can help you to understand what you could be facing for driving without insurance. If you are not informed about the possible outcomes from receiving a citation for driving without insurance, you may not completely understand what we need to do in order to defend you.

Second, we can defend your case in order to seek the least penalty possible. The fines in a case like this can range anywhere from 300 pounds to 5,000 pounds. On top of the fines, the police could decide to impound your uninsured vehicle and only give it back when your fines have been settled with the court and you provide proper proof of insurance. For you, of course, the lesser the penalty, the better and that is what we are here for.

Third, we can help you in regards to penalty points on your licence. Driving uninsured can also result up to 8 points on your licence. It only takes 12 points on your licence for a ban on driving to be placed. Often, fighting the points yourself will end up in more points being applied to your licence than what they would have originally given you. So, you will need us to fight for you so that you have a better chance at winning that fight.

30/12/2015 11:35