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Dangerous Versus Careless driving: What You Need to Know

When faced with a traffic ticket, it is important to consult a solicitor familiar with such cases. In no place is this more crucial than with getting a dangerous driving citation. Along with causing a death by dangerous driving, this is the worst traffic offence available. The solicitors at Keeping Your Licence are very experienced with these cases and are a vital tool in lowering your charges and, in most cases, avoiding time in jail.

Both dangerous driving and careless driving are very subjective charges that depend upon witness accounts and an ambiguous standard of competent and careful driving. Dangerous driving can happen by both driving in a dangerous way and driving a vehicle considered to be dangerous. An interesting aspect of these charges is that the prosecution does not need to prove there were any injuries or serious damages to property in order to prosecute.

Seeking immediate consultation from Keeping Your Licence will help limit your charges or even get them dropped completely. With both dangerous driving and causing death by dangerous driving, Keeping Your Licence solicitors will work tirelessly to persuade prosecution to lower charges to careless driving or drop them altogether. This might include sifting through tons of testimonials and even conducting interviews of the witnesses. Hiring the best traffic solicitors will guarantee your case will be held fairly and hopefully even result in a lesser charge. Help from Keeping Your Licence can greatly improve the outcome of these charges and the effect it has on your life and family.

The differences between dangerous and careless driving are ambiguous and up to interpretation. It is foolish to rely on anything but the best when charged with this extreme offence, which is why immediately contacting Keeping Your Licence is your best chance at moving forward past the incident and getting on with your life.

30/01/2016 05:03