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Discretionary Disqualification: What It Means

Most motoring offences in the UK come with the option of a discretionary disqualification. Discretionary qualification simply means that police and prosecutors have the option of imposing a driving ban on your license, if they feel like that punishment is appropriate. This means that the context of your violation is taken into account. For example, going 10 km/h over the speed limit and going 25 are the same crime, but you will get harsher penalties for the latter.

While a few offences come with mandatory disqualifications, such as driving while impaired on alcohol or drugs, or driving dangerously, most give the option to the law enforcement officer who stopped you. That means that something as simple as running a red light – usually considered inconsiderate or careless driving –can lead to a driving ban even if you don’t reach the 12-point limit of penalty points.

Disqualifications, whether required or discretionary, can often cause heavy burdens on ones life. From not being able to work to many different family issues that can arise, you should always fight a potential ban. If your license is currently revoked for any reason, you can still request an exceptional hardship that will allow you to get back on the road legally.

Whether you’re facing a driving ban or you already have one, the best way to ensure that you’ll still be able to drive to locations that are important is by hiring a motoring solicitor to help you fight. They will question the prosecutions evidence in hope of getting all charges dropped. Even if convicted, they will ensure that a discretionary disqualification is not imposed. If already in effect, they will provide the necessary evidence to the court that is required in order to get you an exceptional hardship. With years of experience and hundreds of successful cases, you can be confident that your will be represented by the best in the industry.

26/12/2015 11:53