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Distracted Driving: Its Not Just Your Mobile that Can Cause Accidents

Every person knows that they should not text and drive. Texting is the most common form of distraction leading to accident. Unfortunately, all manner of distraction can keep a driver from paying the necessary attention to the road way. Here are some common, non-cellular causes of distracted driving.

1. Food.

As delicious as that takeout food may be, it is certainly not worth your life. Combining a hectic roadway with a difficult meal can cause lapses in concentration that could prove fatal. In addition to being a dangerous form of distraction, meals to go often contain significantly more harmful ingredients than their sit-down counterparts; so if the distraction doesn’t kill you, the calories might. To avoid this problem, postpone your major meals until after you park your vehicle.

2. Squirrely passengers

As much as your passengers want your attention, you must remember that—at all times—the road is your first priority. When the inevitable backseat emergency strikes, be willing to pull over. A slight delay will be worth the additional safety of keeping your hands and attention focused on your driving.

3. Inner angst

Countless drama movies show an anguished hero take a fast ride in a car to clear their head. A car is not a good place to be when dealing with serious emotions. Your compromised emotional state may lead to more aggressive behavior or slower judgment when dealing with common road problems. Instead of going for a car ride, go on a run or walk; you’ll get the same benefit, a little exercise, and far less of the risk!

When you are in control of a massive piece of metal barreling down the road, you need to be in control. Distractions—even if they’re more innocuous than your mobile—can be deadly.

16/02/2016 02:36