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Drink Driving Car Insurance: What You Need to Know Now

There are so many consequences that people face when an officer pulls them over for drink driving or when officers are called to the scene of an accident because of drink driving.

Prison time is one of the consequences that a person convicted of drink driving can face. The amount of time will depend on the drink driving charge. Another consequence that people may face, when convicted of drink driving is a fine. The fine has a large range, and is dependent upon the offence. A driving ban is also a penalty that someone might face if convicted of drink driving. The length of the driving ban will be determined by the severity of the drink driving incident.

Once a person goes into court, pleads guilty and gets their sentence, they feel a bit relieved to be done with court. They serve their sentence, whatever it may be, and then they are ready to move on with their life. They go to get their license back, get their car ready to drive again, and then go to reinstate their care insurance and they, then realize that their drink driving incident is far from over. When a drink driving incident is on a person’s record, their insurance premiums rise significantly.

So, what can someone do to keep their car insurance premiums from increasing? It starts in the beginning, right after the person has been pulled over by the officers or right after the accident, whatever the case may be. The immediate response should be to talk to their solicitor, long before the court date. This should be done, because the solicitor might be able to have them excused completely from the charge, or at the very least, they can have a lesser penalty instated and thus there would be a chance that the car insurance rates might not rise quite so badly.

03/12/2015 04:42