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Driving without Insurance in the UK

Imagine you get into an accident on the road and although it’s not serious, there is significant damage to both cars. Being uninsured in this situation will not only mean spending your own money on repairs, but also a hefty ticket of up to £5,000 and 6-8 points on your driving record. Another situation might be that you get caught speeding without insurance. Now, you will almost certainly have a ban on your licence and face a large fine. Driving without insurance in the UK is a criminal offence, even if you truly thought you were covered. Regardless of driving without insurance for work or domestic situations, Keeping Your Licence will do everything they can to help prove your insurance or reduce your penalty.

Insurance is extremely important; however, it can also be quite confusing. Keeping Your Licence can help sift through your documentation to clear up ambiguity. Understanding your insurance policies are the first step in defending against driving without insurance and can be the difference between building a successful case to help lessen your penalties. Working with a deeply experienced solicitor in driving law is a crucial step to keeping your licence.

Keeping Your Licence is a competent defender of drivers’ rights. We will work tirelessly to lessen your punishment if you truly and consciously drove without insurance. We will also help prove that you were misled if you honestly thought you were covered by your insurance. In the case of being uninsured through no fault of your own, we will defend your case with special exceptions.

Work with your insurance provider to guarantee coverage and even go so far as to get a second opinion from a 3rd party to avoid this criminal offence.

15/01/2016 12:29