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Drug Driving in the UK

Drug driving endorsements are an extremely serious offence that can lead to a revocation of driver’s licence, a significant fine, and even time in jail depending on the severity. It is important to seek help when faced with one or more of these charges. Help from a solicitor will not only help with your penalties, but the solicitors at Keeping Your Licence strive to be a friendly outlet and confident partner in your case. Drug driving offences are extremely stressful, but there is no reason to go about it alone.

Our solicitors are professionals with drug driving cases, including both illegal and legal drug use. Even the smallest amount of illegal drugs detected in your system can lead to an offence. This can apply to accidents you have been in even when you weren’t under the influence of drugs at the time, but trace amounts were still found in your body. With the wide spectrum of drug driving offences, having an experienced solicitor can help lessen your charge and potentially keep your licence.

Operating a vehicle under the influence of legal drugs is equally dangerous and threatening to your licence. Many of these drugs are used recreationally, but you can also be deemed unfit to drive when taking drugs according to prescription. Our solicitors can help defend both medical and recreational use of legal drugs while driving.

Drug driving offences are highly technical as they debate whether you were in control or unfit as a result of taking drugs. Without expert help, having trace amounts of drugs in your system can be seen in a very negative light. At, we utilize our experience and technical ability for legitimizing your evidence, inspecting the nature of your arrest, and moving forward together to help you either plead guilty or fight your charges.

22/01/2016 12:39