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Fewer Penalty Points Allowed for New Drivers

If you are an experienced driver in the UK, you are likely aware of what penalty points are and how they accrue. Thus, you probably are aware that if you were to be given 12 penalty points on your licence within just 3 years, you could face a ban on your licence for a minimum of 6 months.

How about new drivers, though? Are new drivers subject to the same rules? Indeed, they are subject to the same rules of the road. Such as, drink driving could result in fines and penalty points. Also, careless driving can result in fines, penalty points and even impoundment of your car. However, what is different is that new drivers are subject to having their licence banned for fewer points.

How many points can result in a new driver having their licence banned and what constitutes a new driver? A new driver is anyone who has had their licence for less than two years.  It only takes 6 penalty points for a new driver to lose his or her licence. Once a new driver has lost their licence they will have to wait through the probation period before getting a new licence. Once the probation period is over, they have to reapply for a provisional licence and then pass the theory and practical driving tests again.

Thus, it is important to avoid penalty points, especially if you are a new driver. Speeding alone can result in anywhere from three to six penalty points. If, however, you are a new driver and you have received a driving citation that you know could result in penalty points, you will want to contact us right away. We can defend you in such a way that your penalty points are lesser than what they would have been or we may even be able to keep you from getting any penalty points on your licence so that you can continue to drive and not lose your licence.

31/12/2015 10:00