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Mistreated By Police? Fight Them In Court

If you are the victim of police mistreatment or harassment, you don’t have to fear them. Their job is to protect citizens, not harass or threaten them. Solicitors take this police misconduct more seriously than just about any other issue; fighting them in court is the one and only solution that will remedy the situation while teaching the accused officer(s) a lesson.

Being a victim of police misconduct can be a frightening experience for any individual. Trying to get justice for it can be just as frightening. The good news is that with experienced solicitors who understand the law and have fought corrupt police before and won, you don’t need to worry any longer. If a police officer threatened you in any way, be it with an arrest, a driving ban, or any other abuse of his power, we can get an injunction against him (or them) that would prevent such abuse from happening.

Our goal is not only to restore your good name and shine a light on problematic officers, but to encourage serious financial (and possibly even criminal) penalties on the department in order to make a statement to others that it will not be tolerated. For years our solicitors have fought against false arrests, assaults, harassment, and other forms of abuse that has poisoned our law enforcement agencies. There is a proven track record with our solicitors in getting record-amounts of damages, public apologies, and even criminal prosecutions against the accused. Even if you speak little to no English, whether you’re a citizen or a tourist, or whether you are trying to fight for a family member who was or is in custody, the best thing you can do is give us a call and let us be your legal representation in this court battle.

28/12/2015 04:44