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Mobile Phone Use While Driving

For a while, it was legal to use mobile phones while driving; even texting while driving wasn’t considered a threat for some time. Driving while drunk was also okay for a while, but luckily we have moved beyond that once-accepted stance.

Mobile phone use while driving is illegal and if charged with such, you can get up to 3 points on your licence and a £1,000 fine. This is law CU80-Breach of requirements as to control of the vehicle, mobile telephone use, etc. This means that when using a device while driving, you are decreasing your awareness and lessening your ability to drive safely. Using a device while driving is illegal, it affects your licence, it raises your insurance, and it costs you a fine, so if you get a ticket for such, it is worth consulting a solicitor for an effective defense.

This type of offence is tricky to hold up in a courtroom because there is rarely evidence, only the officer’s testimony versus your own. Partnering with a solicitor like Keeping Your Licence with extensive experience in this type of law can mean the difference between being right or wrong in the eyes of the court. This usually consists of gathering extensive evidence to place doubt in the validity of the charge, a process much easier with legal help.

Successful defense against CU80 can guarantee lower insurance costs, eliminate fines, and even help you keep your licence if you already have 9 or more points against you. Even if you and your solicitor don’t persuade the courts completely, your penalty can be lessened to that of a driver awareness course, thus saving points, money, and the insurance spike. Laws on the road are meant to protect lives and property. Although tons of people violate them, it is worth noting the risk of accidents from negligence.

15/01/2016 12:15