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Received 12 Penalty Points in Three Years? Call Us Today

Today, obtaining a licence is a way of life. That said, having a licence also comes with being responsible. There are many driving laws that must be followed if you want to hang on to it.

If a police officer notices that you are not adhering to the laws of the motorway while driving, there are a few things that they might do. One option they have is to pull you over and give you a warning. They might do this if your offence is minor, and you are typically a safe driver. Another option they have, depending on the offence, is to give you a citation in which they also issue the penalty on the spot. They are allowed to give immediate penalties on citations with regard to careless driving. The final option, for other driving offences, is for them to cite you for your driving offence and send you to court to face penalties there.

Naturally the offence itself is a problem, but so are the associated penalty points. If you are cited and given a penalty by the police officer for careless driving, they can also penalize you by placing points on your licence. Likewise, if you are sent to court for any other driving offence, chances are that they will want to add penalty points to your licence. If you accumulate 12 points in just three years, your licence may be revoked. That means no more driving for you, which will result in huge inconveniences for you and those who would have to transport you everywhere you need to go.

So, what can you do if you are facing more penalty points being added to you licence? Call us today so that we can help you, especially if the courts could be adding enough points to make a total of 12 points and it has only been within a span of 3 years.

31/12/2015 10:11