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So You Have Been Caught Drink Driving, Now What?

You know you shouldn’t have, but you did. You were caught by the police drink driving.

Now what?

First, contact an attorney at Keeping Your Licence. Our initial consultation is free, and you can contact us at 0161 850 2347.

When you call, have all of your paperwork ready and by the phone if possible.

After the initial stop, the police will probably test your breath for alcohol. If the breath test reveals that you have forty or more micrograms of alcohol in one hundred milliliters of your breath, then you may either be given another test or be charged with drink driving. If you are given alternative tests (e.g., a blood or urine test), then the police will still tell you whether you have been charged with an offense or are free to go on your way without being charged.

When you have been charged with drink driving, there are two options: you can either contest your charge, or you can plead guilty. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

If you contest the charge, then the court may decide that you are innocent of charges, and you can get off without any penalties or fines. However, if you contest the charge and are convicted, it is likely that you will be subjected to the full range of penalties. The penalties for drink driving are particularly severe, and can include jail time or rehab. Moreover, a conviction can have other social, economic, and insurance consequences.

Pleading guilty can sometimes allow a defendant to reduce the worst case scenario of a conviction. By showing the court that the defendant is contrite and willing to own up to the offense, it may be possible to garner sympathy for the defendant.

At the end of the day, drink driving charges are one of the most important times to have a solicitor by your side.

14/02/2016 10:01