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Special Reasons That Can Save Your Licence

Getting a ticket while driving can ruin anyone’s day, but if this is a serious offence or you already have a lot of points on your record, it could mean losing your licence entirely, thus making life a lot harder. In a select few cases, you might actually be able to fight these penalties using special reasoning. This type of defense is unique, so by partnering up with Keeping Your Licence, we can look into your case and see if special reasoning may be applicable.

Driving in emergencies is one way you can defend your driving charges with extra legitimacy. This could be a concrete example or something left up to interpretation, which means having an expert solicitor to help state that your case is extremely worth it. This can also apply for driving under the influence if the emergency presented no other options.

Inadvertent consumption of drink or drugs is another way to defend your case. Because driving under the influence is extremely detrimental to your licence, wallet, and even freedom, proving inadvertence can be life changing. This is another extremely difficult case and inspects if you were drugged and whether you were aware of the fact. Keeping Your Licence knows how to navigate this issue and work through lots of information to depict a factual and convincing defense.

Severely being misled about your state of insurance is another issue that can come up. Driving without insurance is a severe penalty, so if you get caught off-guard with one of these penalties, working with an adept solicitor can make sure you get off without penalty.

Special exceptions to driving rules are difficult to defend, yet extremely worth it if applicable and successful. Because these usually apply to serious road offences, it is highly worth it to work with a solicitor like Keeping Your Licence to defend your innocence.

18/01/2016 02:36