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The Drink Driving Test

The moment you see the lights in your rearview mirror, you likely panic.Perhaps you had one too many at the pub. Maybe you were at a friend’s flat and you simply lost count. Either way, the chances are good that you’re in trouble now. What actually happens during a drink driving test? Take a look.

When the officer first pulls you over, he or she will approach the car, then mention why you were stopped. If the officer suspects you have been drinking, you will take a screening breath test at the side of the road using a breathalyser. Should you fail, you will be arrested and taken to the station.

Once you reach the station, you will be asked to provide two additional breath specimens. They will be analysed using a more complex breathalyser. It’s called an evidential breath testing instrument. The lower of your two readings will decide whether you were over the legal limit.

In the event your sample is over 40% of the limit, you may request to have it replaced with a blood or urine sample. The officer will decide which sample you may have. If that sample is over the limit, you are then charged with the offence.

It’s important to note that the police may carry out a breathalyser test if you’ve committed any type of traffic offence or you’ve been involved in an accident. They are allowed to stop any vehicle at their discretion, including at checkpoints they’ve set up.

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14/08/2015 02:17