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The Far-Reaching Impacts of Texting and Driving, and How to Reduce Them

Every person knows that texting and driving is risky. But many people do not fully understand why.

1. Level of Distraction.

There are three primary methods of distraction while driving: physical, visual, and mental. For a physical distraction, a hand must leave the wheel. For a visual distraction, eyes must leave the road. For a mental distraction, the driver is no longer thinking about driving.

Distractions are inevitable to some degree. But using a mobile is particularly dangerous because it combines all three of the potential distractions, normally at the same time.

This danger can be somewhat reduced by using a hands free feature with your device, and thinking about what you want to say before you begin to compose a message.

2. Miscommunication

While texting can inherently lead to miscommunication, the level of multitasking required for texting and driving often leads to misunderstandings between communicating people.

The best cure for this problem is to wait to send messages until after you have arrived at your destination. Your problem can probably wait.

Another potential way to solve this problem is to communicate through a passenger in your car. “Will you send a quick text saying ‘I’ll get back to you in ten minutes’?” could have saved many accidents.

3. Illegality

The use of a mobile phone while driving a motor vehicle is a crime. The penalty can add three points to your driving record and a fine of up to £1000. In addition to the unwanted hassle of going to court, the added points on your licence can increase your monthly vehicle insurance payment.

The consequences of being caught using a mobile phone while driving can be mitigated with the help of a qualified solicitor. Our solicitors can help to reduce the penalty by presenting your case in the most favorable light to the court. Our significant experience in this area can give you the best possible shot to reduce the penalties of a conviction. Our initial consultation is free, so call us at 0161 850 2347.

14/02/2016 10:08