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The Necessity of Context in Drink Driving Cases

Penalties for drinking and driving convictions are aimed to be serious, to deter people from causing harm to themselves or others on the road.  If convicted, penalties range from rehabilitation to sentencing.  These consequences carry others on their hem, such as potentially losing a job, possible VISA restrictions that make even traveling by avenues other than road very difficult, and of course skyrocketing insurance costs.  A conviction can make these outward ramifications real, but each one of them also has an internal effect psychologically and emotionally. 


In order to avoid a potential conviction, a solicitor is necessary to help you contextualise your situation.  While it’s understandable that the law upholds strict penalties for drinking and driving, the law doesn’t always need to get involved for someone to not want to repeat particular behavior.  The best way to argue against drinking and driving charges is to take context into consideration, as the prosecution’s evidence will be fairly solid if there was any kind of testing done.


One of the most frustrating aspects of the legal system is that it focuses on laws rather than an individual’s entire story.  It’s designed that way for the sake of objectivity, but the loss of individual context also means a loss of truth.  We know how to listen to a client’s entire story and understand which parts of the context factor in most to the case at hand so you don’t have to sift through them with the lens of the law. Rather, just tell us your perspective in full and let us handle the rest.  A drinking and driving charge does not have to result in a conviction that undoes many things in your life that you’ve worked to do.  There are many times in which life can be navigated through experience and lesson without lawful consequences.

27/08/2015 10:19