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The Potential Outcome of Drink Driving Charges

Drink driving charges are quite severe and although you may have just been half a beer over the limit, serious repercussions can result. More serious or repeat offences can have even worse punishments. Regardless if it is your first time or not, contacting Keeping Your Licence will ensure your charges are dropped completely or that you get a lesser sentence than originally prescribed. Look at our testimony to see our history of results and also the considerate and friendly relationships we engage in with our customers. When fighting a Drink Driving Charge, we focus on a few different approaches:

            1-Completely absolve the charge using special reasons. This will be the least likely option since it requires that your decision to drive while under the influence was necessary due to some emergency situation.

            2-With most cases, the prosecution is already in possession of the evidence showing that you were over the legal limit. A strategy we use is to sift through all the evidence, utilising our technical knowledge to scrutinize the evidence and inspect whether it is completely reliable or not. It is also effective for us to investigate the circumstances of the arrest. Any of these issues could have breached standard conduct or had some technical ambiguity that might lead to a lessening of charges or even complete abandonment of the charges.

            3-Pleading guilty and appealing for alternative punishments is another way to lessen the effects of your ticket. Although a difficult route, you will be accompanied by a supportive and kind solicitor who will help you through the process.

            Getting a drink driving citation can easily seem like a life stopping moment. We understand. The quicker you get in touch with the solicitors at Keeping Your Licence, the sooner you will feel better and move to put this incident behind you.

30/01/2016 05:23