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The Three Most Serious Motoring Offences

The offences listed below cause a huge, unnecessary burden on society. Yet they are so common, law enforcement in the United Kingdom has to deal with multiple cases every day. While most people think of motoring offences as minor and often irrelevant, these are exactly the opposite. It’s in everyone’s best interest to avoid these three at all costs! If one finds themselves in a bind, the only person who can get them out is a motoring solicitor with experience and a history of success.


1.     Driving Under The Influence Of Drink or Drugs

While this may seem obvious, nearly 10% of all motoring offences involve someone driving while impaired. That is a huge number that often results in serious accidents, deaths, driving bans, and enormous fines. This charge can also include legal prescription drugs that you have to take. If there a warning on the label or by your doctor that you cannot drive after you take it, don’t do it!

2.     Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving is extremely serious in the United Kingdom. Almost 100% of the non-drink/drug related serious injuries and deaths are a result of dangerous driving. The dangerous driving laws in the UK looks specifically at behaviour and if they feel that yours falls “far below” the standards, you will face serious consequences, regardless of whether you were involved of in an accident.

3.      Motor Racing

This is an offence that is more common than you would think. Motor racing on public roads is simply a danger to innocent residents. Police see it as being immature and distrustful, which is why it’s looked at as a serious offence. In fact, one motor racing penalty can lead to 11 points on your license. In addition, they can request a driving ban even if you haven’t reached the 12-point threshold, and they often do.

28/12/2015 05:40