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Using Your Mobile While Driving - What's the Law?

Driving with a mobile phone - you know it's dangerous, but there are times when problems simply occur, right? Those times when you can't help but drive with your mobile in your hand. What about those times? No matter what the reason, the law clearly states that whether you're stopped at a light, queuing in traffic, or actually driving, you cannot be using a mobile phone or similar device.

What are the Penalties?

Despite the fact that it's against the law to use mobile phones and drive, there are times when you may be doing just that, and should you be pulled over and cited for such an offence, you will most certainly get an automatic fixed penalty notice. The offence comes with 3 penalty points on your licence. You will also be looking at a fine of up to £100.  There are potentially other penalties looming large, though, depending on the nature of the offence. It's possible your case will be prosecuted, and should that happen, you could be disqualified from driving. You may also face a fine of £1,000 when that occurs. That's just if you're driving your personal vehicle, though. Drivers who are behind the wheel of a bus or a goods vehicle face far more expensive fines, as they could end up paying as much as £2,500.

Are There Times I Can Use My Phone?

It is possible to use your phone if you need to phone 999 because it's an emergency and you're not in a location where you can stop. You can also use your phone if you're safely parked. Hands free phones are also completely okay to use.

Avoiding the Penalties

If you've been pulled over and cited for using your mobile phone while driving, it is possible to fight the charges in court. We can help. Contact us today to learn more.

07/12/2015 12:07