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What You Should Know Before Going to Court

Headed to court? There are a few things you should know first.

1) Appearances matter.

Just like all humans, judges can be swayed by countless irrelevant factors when hearing a case. While you can’t hope to control everything that a judge takes into account, you can make a good first impression. If you want to play it safe, dress conservatively. For men, conservative dress means a dark suit and white or light blue shirt, and preferably a tie. For women, wear a smart outfit that does not show too much skin or fit too tightly. While this should not directly impact your case, dressing conservatively ensures that this will not enter the court’s decision making.

2) Be ready to wait.

The widespread reputation for courts as slow, methodical organisations is well deserved. Even though your case may be scheduled for an early afternoon slot, countless delays may require you to wait longer than expected. Come prepared—you will want to have eaten ahead of time, and wear clothing that does not make you too uncomfortable. No matter what happens, when your name is called, you should be ready! For, although courts are slow, they also expect punctuality from parties to a case—in large part to ensure that their delay is no more than necessary.

3) Have a solicitor.

An old maxim says “The man who represents himself has a fool for a client.” The law is a complex and evolving animal, and solicitors are specially trained to stay abreast of legal developments. Moreover, solicitors are trained to understand the court, as well as how the court analyzes problems. Solicitors can analyze your facts in a manner focused on identifying the facts most relevant for a court. By going to court without a solicitor, you run the risk of referencing the wrong law, emphasizing the wrong facts, and looking dumb while doing it.

Some solicitors are better than others. At Keeping Your Licence, we pride ourselves in having the know how and approach to give you the best shot in court. Call 0161 850 2347 for a free consultation with one of our motoring solicitors.

14/02/2016 10:39