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Drink Driving Special Reasons

If you are convicted of a drink driving charge, you will normally be Disqualified from driving. Our specialist motor lawyers and have a 95% success rate in overturning or reducing driving disqualifications Nationwide.

Although a discretionary or mandatory ban is not normally awarded for any less than 12 months, there are certain circumstances where the ban can be reduced or even completely avoided. If Special reasons are accepted by the court, you may not be disqualified.

As with any driving offence, Drink Driving Special reasons cannot be seen as a defence of the charge or related to anything other than the circumstances of the offence itself – so the consequences of a ban or the fact of it being a first offence cannot be considered as special reasons.

Instead, the court must be presented with any extenuating circumstances. It will consider special reasons for why the vehicle was being driven; how it was being driven; the distance; the vehicle and traffic conditions; the intention of the driver; and the degree of danger that was presented to other drivers, passengers and pedestrians also in the vehicle or on the road.

Typical drink driving special reasons are that the driver’s drink was laced (there will need to be some strong evidence of this – a speculative claim could do more harm than good), having to drive because of an emergency, or the car being moved only a very short distance for a strong reason.

If you are facing a drink driving conviction, you will need expert assistance.

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