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No Insurance Cases

Our solicitors acted for “D” The client had been stopped by the police, for a defective tyre. The conducted their enquiries and it transpired that the vehicle did not have insurance. The client was driving a company car, during the course of employment. We advised the client to plead not guilty, and we put forward the employer defence. The client had genuinely relied upon information provided by his employers that he was insured. The court found the client not guilty. He was given cost from central funds to cover his legal expenses.

Our Solicitor’s acted for “V” The client had been stopped for no insurance. The client was surprised, and later on it transpired that the insurers had cancelled her policy by mistake. The client was found not guilty at trial, we were able to establish that tat the time of offence there was insurance, and the insurers cancelling the insurance was not legal or binding. The client was found not guilty.

Our solicitors acted for “M” in relation to a no insurance matter. The client had insurance in place, and was a named driver on the policy, the registered keeper had changed the details of the policy. A special reasons argument was prepared that although the client was guilty of the offence, she was morally innocent, and penalty points should not be imposed. The court agreed and the client did not receive any penalty points.


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