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UK Drink Driving Law

Drink driving law dictates the quantity of alcohol permitted in your breath, blood or urine per 100 millilitres (ml), with the limits in Scotland differing from the rest of the UK:

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Drink Driving Limits in the UK

Alcohol Level England, Wales, NI Scotland
Micrograms per 100ml of breath 35 22
Milligrammes per 100ml of blood 80 50
Milligrammes per 100ml of urine 107 67

If you are stopped by the police and given a breathalyser, you will be arrested if you fail the test, and you may be arrested if you either refuse the test or fail to provide a breath sample.

According to drink driving law, you will be breathalysed twice more at the police station, with the lower of the readings recorded as your official sample.

If this sample registers as being up to 40% higher than the legal limit, you may decide to exercise your right to offer a blood or urine sample as an alternative.

If found guilty of drink driving, and if you are without the proper legal support, you could face serious penalties, including a fine, driving ban or custodial sentence.

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